Tuesday, 10 November 2009


Well the lives of our children move on and more milestones are reached. Here you see R proudly displaying the gap left by the loss of his first tooth. And S coincidentally had his first tooth arrive on the same day! Did the tooth fairy have anything to do with this I wonder. Not if it was the one that visited R as she (actually he) was very stingy and managed to russle up 40 eurocents - about 35p - "it was all the change I had"!!!! I ask you, mean or what??? R was thrilled to bits even so, bless him. The tooth fairy's helper had to go up and 'discover' that more had been left under another part of his pillow. He's now working out how much he'll have in his piggy bank by the time they all fall out. B is wiggling his in the hope that he can bring on an early visit from the tooth fairy.

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