Friday, 20 November 2009

Shortening Days

So what does this little home educating family do with it's time when the days draw in? Here's a selection of the activities that have kept us busy over the past few weeks....

There are crawling competitions designed to include even the smallest members of our family...

There's cooking. Here are R and B making Rupert Bear Biscuits.

There's pasta making. Here we are setting up the racks for drying our own pasta. Making our own pasta uses up some of our endless supply of eggs!

There's model making. Here is a Lego brachiosaurus. All manner of dinosaurs get built from Lego as this is still a very alive interest for our boys. The things I've learnt about dinosaurs since R got interested in them! He really is a specialist on them now and his, and B's knowledge of the subject far outstrips mine.

There's dressing up. Here is R as not just an Indian but an Iroquois (I got corrected when I said that he was an Indian as he pointed out that there were many Indian tribes - apparently it's like saying he's a human.) His head-dress he made from feathers collected up in the orchard, shed by the geese. I had to hide a smile when he took the war-paint off as it's actually electrical tape and was a bit like pulling off plasters - poor wee soul.

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