Saturday, 15 August 2009

Peace and Quiet

Finally. The Boyz are in Newcastle where it's raining for the wedding and Sammy is finally asleep in his pram after a day of being way too active. Too active because it's been up into the 40's today and as I write this at 7pm in the evening, it's 31.8 degrees C here in the *shade*. Now I'm not complaining but I am wishing for some rain. I have found out that major gardening works need to be done in the spring and the autumn. Winter on a clay soil is too wet and summer is too hot with ground like stone, baked hard in the sun. Not much one could do today except hang about in the sun. Shame :-)

But right just now is beautiful; warm and still surrounded by wonderful birdsong and an occassional gaggle from the geese as they muck about in the paddling pool set up especially for them today.


  1. Hi Alison, great life and 'diary'. Couple of days ago I was thinking about you and your newsy e-mail. Left comment just to let you know that I have looked in. Cheers. Enjoy the good weather. Lots of love, Helen.

  2. Hi Alison, got your email and had time to look at your blog. Everything sounds idillic. How is the quest for bees going? mine are starting to settle down for the winter now. I was going to look at them today, but the weather is not ideal. We also got hens on Monday, today was their first day of not being shut in their house. M & L very excited but gave up waiting for them to come out after about 10 min! M has also lost his first tooth - tooth fairy came last night and was very generous. Enjoy the rest of the summer, hope you get some rain soon. Jenny