Friday, 24 September 2010

Rain Water Harvesting

We have been victims of our own success - or rather of Ben's success with a little help from the WWOOFers. The old lean-to veranda at the back of our barn has been undergoing complete renewal, guided by Ben, and it now looks really good.

The roof of the barn is connected to the roof of the veranda and all water is collected via one main guttering system and downpiped into water butts. However, we have had so much heavy rain today that the water butts have filled up in half an hour and have then overflowed all through the barn, making streams of water flow all over everything we didn't want them to flow over. Ben is now working on linking lots of butts together and raising them so that gravity will hopefully feed any excess off into the solar tunnel. I'll post a photgraph when it's finished.

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