Friday, 9 July 2010

Race Against Rain

We have been haymaking again. Our current two WWOOFers, Danny and Sarah have helped me to scythe down another of our fields and turn all of the hay for drying. It's a gentle task, though a very hot one at the moment as temperatures are reaching into the 30's. We therefore can only work the fields in the early part of the morning and sometimes in the evenings if it has cooled sufficiently. It is important that the hay is properly dry as it seals in the goodness of the grasses and plants and prevents them from going mouldy. This afterall will be part of the winter feed for all our animals except the hens.

Yesterday rain was forecast for the evening so we had to make the most of every minute to gather the laid out hay into the big hay stack. It was all hands on deck but we achieved what seemed at the beginning like a massive task by 9pm and happily retired to await the badly needed rain... that didn't come again! Sigh.

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