Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Storage Solutions

We have a lean-to veranda at the back of our barn and it had leaned so far 'to' that it was slowly sliding to the ground. So this year's task was to renew it and install a rain water harvesting system.

Ben worked out all the plans and with the help of Dan and Cal, our two Australian WWOOFers, they began weaving their magic.

Now although it looks cloudy here, this was only for a moment. Cal is sporting this year's sun protection wear and looking to all intents like the proverbial Virgin Mary if you ask me!

The weaving itself wasn't hard work but the preparation of the sticks - taking off all the sideshoots - was a long and arduous task. Blistered hands were sadly given to all participants (unless you already had callouses like I do). But as you can see, it's beginning to look good.

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