Friday, 7 May 2010

A Touch of Frost

This morning saw a light frost out in our fields! None in the top area around the house, nor in the orchard, but I was very glad that my little seeds hadn't popped their heads above the surface of the soil as they may well have been nipped off by the chill. Now a wise retired farmer friend by the name of Little George warned me not to plant too early, that frost often comes in May, and I'm glad that I heeded his advice. It's true, the seedlings will catch up with any planted sooner, in fact may even be better by not having a chilly set-back.

Now talking of seeds, there was another touch of frost today between Ben and I. I was labouring away planting row upon row of maize and the job was taking ages, and he came out and offered a hand. I was really pleased as he's never shown an interest before. So I explained the row distance, handed over my little hole dibber and the bucket of corn but he marched off and came back with a pinch bar and a rake!! Apparently he wasn't going to sow seeds "in that ponderous fashion". Oh well, each to his own. Within two minutes he'd found out that the soil was so dry that one did indeed need to use the hole dibber, otherwise the soil fell back in the hole. He wasn't too pleased so I left him to it. Fifteen minutes later he came back to house proudly announcing that that was another two rows planted - at that rate he could have the whole field planted by lunchtime!!! I was keen to know his secret and on visiting the spot discovered it immediately.... as had the hens, the crows, and any other seed robber in the vicinity. There was maize everywhere just inviting a good old scratch about to see what lay under the surface. I had taken pains to bury any evidence and here was the complete opposite and I was NOT happy. A big 'heated discussion' erupted ending in me going over the two rows, saving what spilled seed I could and covering the rest. Talk about labour-saving!!!!!! I may well have lost goodwill from him on the seed-sowing front. Thank goodness the WWOOFers arrive soon. They too will need to know how pedantic I am!

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