Friday, 16 April 2010

Sleep At Last

At last, 3 good nights' sleep in a row. S has had a long stream of illness, basically since we got back from the UK, the last of which was a perforated eardrum. At the beginning of March he had bronchiolitis accompanied by the barking cough and difficulty in breathing and that, unbeknown to us developed into an ear infection. So the cough went but what a whinging litte boy was left behind. He wanted to nurse every hour, day and night, cried almost constantly and was generally wearing to be with. Poor wee soul. Finally, almost 3 weeks ago, his eardrum finally gave in to the pressure and the nasty gunge made its slow and yucky exit. He had antibiotic eardrops from the doctor but he was allergic to them so we just had to ride it out with paracetamol. But, halleluyah, no gunge now for 2 days and a happy little boy has returned to us. And at last some relatively undisturbed sleep. I feel like a human being again instead of feeling like a sucked and spat out pastille! And here is our happy little urchin, 'fresh' from rolling in a puddle, then climbing up onto this table....

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