Thursday, 24 December 2009

The Best Laid Plans

Yes well you know what they say about the best laid plans! Here we are, Christmas Eve. The plan had been to head off into Le Mans through our couple of inches of Christmassy snow, go to Buffalo Grill, go into the city centre and see the light show at the cathedral, have a wander about, then head home. Pah! At mid-day the heavens opened and sheets of heavy rain began falling and just didn't stop. The snow was washed away within hours and the drive into Le Mans was treacherous. Not to worry, Buffalo Grill awaited us - but no, it was Christmas Eve and it was shut of course. So was Hippo Grill, Courtepaille, Flunch, the list went on. The children's spirits were falling fast as were mine thinking that we'd need to go home and start cooking!!! Fortunately DelArte the pizza place was open and humming so we actually had a very nice meal in there. Then it was off to see the lights from the shelter of the car (the wander about was called off due to bad weather). But no, it was Christmas Eve and the light show wasn't on because folk were filing in for midnight mass of course. You'd have thought that they'd like to see the light show too, or that at least the programme of events would mention that the display wasn't running whilst worshippers were on the scene. Sigh. So home we headed to see what Father Christmas's progress was via the Norad Track Santa site. Oh goodness, within half an hour of us being back, Santa had reached Germany so it was a quick scuttle off to bed for the boys leaving Mummy and Daddy to wrap up the final few presents.

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