Thursday, 25 September 2008

Our Arrival

Well we’re are a wee bit more settled now and have finally found the computer under all the 200+ boxes so I can get an email out at last.

Ben’s trip with the cats was remarkably good as far as the cats were concerned – Meg was sick within the first half hour but after the first hour of all 3 of them howling, they settled down and went to sleep for the duration. However, the trip was not uneventful in other areas and he got stopped by the police on the motorway for being in the 3rd lane with a trailer – unbeknownst to us, a prohibited combination in the outside lane!!! Sadly 3 points and a 60 GBP fine L Fortunately he made the ferry with time to spare and arrived at LPM about 12.30am so good timing really.

Our trip over the next day (the boys and I) was thankfully uneventful and we were all home in time for tea!

The removal guys arrived the next day (Monday) and had to hack down a tree in order to get the road-train in! Unpacking was swift and they left the following afternoon. Everything made it in one piece – not a single broken pot, glass, nor plant (at least as far as we know – there are some boxes that will no doubt not be unpacked for 5 years!!). Amazing.

Now we are surrounded by a sea of boxes and sofas. Still, the sun has shone everyday since we arrived so life seems that bit sweeter as we can just go and eat outside to escape the chaos in the house.

Anyway, Ben is hounding me to finish this as we don’t yet have an internet connection here at the house (major sore point) so Ben goes off to MacDonald’s and makes the most of their free WiFi offer.

Signing off.

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